That hunger

That day shall come,
When you will search
all the hidden parts of your heart,
all treasures once hidden,
That day when you hunger for something.

for something immaterial,
for something intangible,
hunger for something you just want to feel,
just feel it way deep in your spirit.

when that day comes,
You will run from sea to sea,
From north and from east,
It will be a terrible day,
He will be hidden away.

You will need a teacher,
May need a prophet,
Yet some will just have the right timing told to them,
That hunger!

Hunger for something not bread,
Thirst for something not water,
But something beyond what our minds see,
Something hidden in his love letter to us.

Dominic Savio Ogwal

This is a cry somewhere far away for such times will is written of God so we need wait in awe.


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