Do you remember me? Because me, I do remember you.
Do you spend a moment of your life going back to the past well spent?
For I walk the streets alone
Only wishing for you to be around me.
Everyone can see that I am incomplete and going through hell thinking about you and me

Surely somebody needs you,
Somebody wants you,
Somebody dreams about you, every single night
Somebody can’t breath,
Somebody hopes that someday you will see,

That somebody’s me!
Captured in your heart,
Hoping that some day,
Some night you will see his tears and say those words we meditated upon genuinely,
How could we be wrong?

It was so good that all admired,
But now it is gone,
We lost all the goods we sowed,
It was you and I in our own island,
an island far away beyond the eyes of men,
Really! How could this happen?

You will always be in my life even if I am not in yours,
for you flood my memory,
You flow in my veins and arteries,
You free my heart from Sheol,
You are a flower planted at my heart,

I seep waters from you,
Can’t live without you,
Lest I mourn, and die alone,
When you remember me
Before you let go,
I will always say,
Please, somebody needs you.
Dominic Savio

When a man stoops low to mourn for a soulmate, for a deliverer
It means he really loved, means he still cares and still loves.
It is a feeling of many that love genuinely, mistakes come but we ought to forgive and  to be hopeful as lovers.
“I love you a lot but please you need be happy, for it is my joy.
I need you back at any time.” Said the torn son.


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