His love jail.

As a little child,
he only cared about the presence of a mother,
As a toddler
he cared more about the presence of a playmate
for she lived lonely in the neighbourhoods
No matter what they said about her,
He gave a deaf ear.

For it was love,
It was a feeling unrevealed,
It was a seed planted in his loamy heart,
It was a hope sprouting in him,
It was a desire hated by many,
Yet a first cut.

As a child he trusted his mothers love
to the point of smiling as she threw him into the air,
Not until when she kissed the dust.
As a juvenile,
he looked for independence and for love,

For he thought there was a greater love than the love of his mother
As an adolescent,
he travelled far and wide In search,
not until he discovered his playmate,
Hidden far away in the mills.

A chill run down his spine
Emotions flooded his heart
Thoughts rushed in his head
For he had found love
The only love compared to a mother’s love
With the trust he had in his mother,
he let go of fear, pains of long distances.

Only to discover her love for him had faded away,
It was a burnt bridge,
How disappointed he was!
Once emotions of love
now metamorphosed into fear
Into rejection,
Into hurt,
no benevolence at all.

His heart was hardened,
With pains of rejection however he let go,
Let go of a dream,
Let go of love,
Let go of joy,
Let go of hidden feelings.
Dominic Savio Ogwal.

This is the disappointment of an African boy, a painful story told by many of the Kalahari’s dwellers. When a man loves he can do anything to still win his love, he can cry yet he ought to be strong
He morns with these pains of lack of favours but in the end the Kalahari boys let go and die single seeds planted in an oasis in the land.


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