the cry of a son

You broke the promise,
You left way before me,
You run away before I could hold your cloak,
Before you could watch me walk her down the aisle.

You broke your promise,
Yet you were very dear to me,
I know you never intended,
But a big gap lays in my heart,
It was way beyond our thoughts.

we now can only see that slab
Below which you lay,
Too cold and lifeless in that corpse
Six feet buried between the rocks,
You seem laid below the fossils.

I know however that you can see my pen scribble,
You can feel the weight of my burdens,
How I wish you taught me,
How to be a better guy to her.

You left too soon
I can imagine you lying hopeless,
Yet willing to help though shut,
Shut away from life by concrete blocks,
All placed over you.

How I wish you could come
Come blow life in him,
Come to wipe the tears of your son,
Come to soften the rock in her,
Or take him along with you.
Ogwal Dominic Savio.

An African son cries out to his living father placing him in the place of a dead man for he didn’t teach him the principles of love, for he hid his face away in shame. In many African sons lay these tears of rejection and fate, let us stand and take responsibility dear parents and teach our children how to love.


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