That veil, that vow.

Emotions rupturing behind a veil,
A beautiful woman hidden behind a vow,
A nice and humble heart captured by that oath,
An oath of chastity for a life time,
Captured, yet true love flows out of her veil.

Hidden away from the outside world ,
she seems to be dying for a breaking heart,
For my frail heart,
Living in a confined monastery
All alone whole night,
She is missing the outside freedom.

She is like a dove, like a flower in the meadow lands,
Like a river radiating true love,
Like a tree of life,
Yet captured under that veil,
Taken away by that oath.

Woman I am sorry, sorry I couldn’t,
You are way beyond me,
Beyond the feelings of my little heart,
You are a loving woman yet under custody,
Your smiles at me so great.

Yet internally i see a veil,
I recall that vow,
A respected ornament,
It would be a myth once told,
It would be history rewritten,
Sorry I disappointed you.

How I wish I could,
But for that veil on your head,
It’s a true feeling,
Please understand me,
Understand the conviction in me.
Dominic Savio.

Many people have seen friends that act so good to them that they portray a lot of love. Depicted in this artistic placement of a roman catholic nun, yet just to represent anyone who shows great love to a friend.
Touched by how you feel you didn’t do your best to reward her, it is love.


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